Mercury Network for Lenders

Our Web site ordering system is GREAT, but you're looking for a more robust online appraisal ordering system. One that completely solves your order, tracking, and appraisal status issues One that may even integrate with your existing loan origination software.  

Your wait is over!  Once you've joined Mercury Network you'll be able place your orders directly through Mercury Network or from your own Mercury Desktop software. Here are just a few of the features and advantages of the Mercury Network system.

  • Mercury Network has the most comprehensive list of certified appraisers on the Web.
  • Appraiser selection is based on your borrower's location (zip code).  Saves time.
  • Ordering and tracking is from your desktop Internet connection to Mercury.
  • Mercury will fax and/or email status updates.  Phone call hassles are eliminated!
  • Mercury may have a "plug-in" that integrates with your existing loan origination software.
  • It's FREE to Join! Stop wasting time and money . . .

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