Can I pay for my appraisal with a Credit Card?

Yes! I am now accepting credit card payments for appraisal services!

We frequently receive appraisal orders from homeowners and clients where payment is required in advance of delivering the completed appraisal report. When that happens, it can be inconvenient to write a check. Wouldn’t it be great if you could put it on your Visa or Mastercard?

Now you can, at Associate Appraisers of America!

When you place an order on my website you can enter your credit card information into the Payment Information section of the appraisal order form.  If you mistype some information, you’ll be prompted to enter a valid credit card number before the order can be processed.


When you send your appraisal request, the credit card information is automatically encrypted and attached to your order.  Your card will not be charged until I process the order.


Because credit card processing is directly integrated into my website, I never need to retype your information when I’m ready to charge the card.  All your contact information is pulled directly from your order form or from your account on the XSites Network.


After I have charged the card, an invoice for the transaction is automatically emailed to you for your records.


How secure is my information?

With our website you get unsurpassed transaction security since every credit card payment is protected by industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.  All communications between the computer and the server are scrambled, so if any payment data gets illegally intercepted, it’s completely unreadable.


But I don’t want to enter my credit card information online!

I understand!  Some of our clients would prefer not to enter credit card information on a website even if the data is secure and encrypted.  Just let me know when I contact you to schedule the appointment and I will take the information over the phone or you can give it to me when I come to your property.  Our technology allows us to process your card payment in a variety of ways.  We’ll be sure to process your transaction in the manner that you are most comfortable with.